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發現商店街裡的秘密基地,一探「出町座」結合電影×書店×咖啡館的獨特魅力-Hanako Taiwan

發現商店街裡的秘密基地,一探「出町座」結合電影×書店×咖啡館的獨特魅力-Hanako Taiwan


Known for being a model and a lover of cafes, Alice Saito introduces you to cafes from not only tokyo, but also all over japan and around the world!


I went to the movie theater “Demachiza” in Demachi-Masugata Shopping Street in Kyoto. What kind of movies are playing? I am so excited!


This is the lineup of posters in front of the store. Are there any film that you know? I only know “Les Miserables”.


I decided to eat something because I had some extra time before the movie. The theater has a cafe inside and you can buy tickets for food from a machine.


Their special of the day is very popular, so it sells out often. Today’s special is Goya Chanpuru (bitter melon stir-fried with pork, eggs, and other vegetables), rice with corn, and cold zucchini soup. It was really good!


The cafe is surrounded by book shelves that reach the ceiling. You are allowed to read any of the books at your leisure. They mainly carry books about movies, but there is also a variety of other genres like picture books, subculture books, and so on.


They have snacks and drinks you can bring into the theater also. This is popcorn and a homemade red shiso cocktail. In addition to that, there are more items, like sandwiches, hotdogs, and so on.


It’s almost showtime. There are two theaters that can accommodate about fifty people each, and they play around 10 movies per day. Please visit their website for more details. I'm off to see my movie. Bye!


■10:00~22:00 無公休
■133 Miyoshi-cho, Demachi-nishi Iru Agaru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto OPEN: 7 days a week

photo:Masataka Yoshimoto Translation:俊傑